Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sephora Haul

I made a purchase from Sephora before Christmas and received the package sometime last week.

Here they are:
Tokidoki in Vaggio Travel Dryer. Ok, I admit it... I only got it because it was cute. I don't own a hairdryer anyway, so I guess that's ok. I still need to try it.

- Stila Adventurous in Aspen Travel Palette
- Tarina Tarantino Sparklicity Eyeshadow Palette
- Stila Fabulous in Fiji Travel Palette

Take a look inside:

- RareMinerals Blemish Therapy
- Illamasqua Cream Blusher - Rude
- Clarisonic Replacement Brush Head - Sensitive Skin

Jack Black Beard Lube Conditioning Deluxe Size. This was for the husband.

- Tokidoki tote (a beauty insider/vib bonus)
- samples

That sums up my haul. I made another purchase last week, but that will be on another post.

Thanks for stopping by! Bye.


  1. Have you used the Rare Minerals Blemish Therapy? Since it is on sale, I'm tempted to get it, but I just don't know. Let me know how you like it!

  2. Lillian, I find that it works on me really well! It doesn't help me when I already have the blemish, but before I develop it (if it makes sense)... I usually get a little red spot before a blemish appears, but I find that the powder really heals it.

  3. I thought about getting one of those Stila palettes. They are so cute. That Tarina palette is gorgeous. I know michele1218 on youtube speaks highly of it. That's an adorable hairdryer. :)

  4. i got the hairdryer too because it was only $30 at my store :D love it!

  5. When I saw the Beard Lube, I was like "Hmm, I wonder what she uses that for?" Because you obviously do not have a beard :) Haha.
    Loved your haul :D