Monday, June 7, 2010

Go To Products Part 1

We all have our "go to" things... Whether it's food, music, a television show, a hangout spot, etc., we all prefer something over another. For example, whenever my husband and I are indecisive about where we want to eat, we go to Sushi Factory. It's one of those moments where we're not sure what we want, but there's always (fill in the blank here). Well this is a post of my "go to" beauty products, starting with:


I don't always use a primer. Sometimes, my foundation actually stays on longer without it... Whether I choose to use or not use a primer depends on my mood, but the chances of me pulling it out is maybe 40% of the time. Anyway, I've tried many, but these two are the two that I grab for the most:

L'Oreal's Studio Secrets - Magic Perfecting Base. This is a pink based primer with a moose-like consistency. It's not one of those greasy and slippery primers I've dealt with (*cough* MAC Prep + Prime *cough*). My makeup seems to last a little longer (not a huge difference) with this on, but I don't see any difference as far as application goes -- I do feel a difference though; it makes my skin feel kind of velvety. In addition, my pores are less noticeable when this product is applied. One downside to this product is that I cannot apply it to my nose area. I have blackheads and whenever I apply this primer on and put foundation over it, it seems to emphasize my blackheads even more.

NARS - Makeup Primer with SPF 20. This doesn't make my skin greasy or more oily, but to be honest, the only reason why I use it is because of the SPF. I'm not impressed with it, nor do I hate it, but it's just something I've been using for a while. My foundation actually migrates with this primer... but it is one of my "go to" products because I use it on days where I'm not out too long, but still exposed to the sun.


NARS Sheer Matte. This stuff makes me look like ME. There are certain foundations that I had (*cough* MAC *cough*) that made me look like I had a mask on... but the NARS Sheer Matte does the exact opposite. It may have "matte" in its name, but it's not matte, nor is it dewy - which is why it feels like my skin, but better! Moreover, I'm a glasses wearer... Usually when I have foundation on, some product would melt down to the sides of my nose and yes, it's very noticeable. However, the NARS Sheer Matte doesn't do that... it stays in place which is a very important factor -- and if it happens to fade throughout the day (which is normal since I have oily skin and I don't touch up), it doesn't get blotchy like other foundations. This is one of my HG foundations. A word of caution though: Keep in mind that it can look very cakey depending on how you apply it.


MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer. I use this concealer for my under-eye circles. At first when I bought this, I didn't enjoy it. it was kind of hard to work with as it was too thick and hard to blend. However, after I got through the first layer, this stuff was creamy! It blends like heaven and it covers very well!

Make Up For Ever Full Cover. If I'm having a really bad skin day and my foundation cannot cover everything, I use this to spot conceal. Also, if I'm having one of those days where I don't feel like wearing foundation, I would use this to cover up any redness and blemishes, set it with powder, and I'm good to go. Its name says it all... It's a full coverage concealer!

Setting Powder

I haven't used setting powder for a while... You know you have a good foundation when you don't have to set it with a powder (thank you, NARS), but these are the two I generally grab for:

MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural (MSFN). This gives a very natural finish. It doesn't give a powdery look, but it probably could with a heavy hand. It's quite sheer, but at the same time gives me a nice polished look. It's not very mattifying, which is a downfall on my part because of my oily skin, but it still has a very nice finish nonetheless.

MAC Pretty Baby Beauty Powder. When I first got into MAC, the collection that was out during the time was Hello Kitty. I didn't understand what a beauty powder was, but I got it because of its cute packaging. Anyway, if you look at the color of this beauty powder, you'll see baby pink. It's very sheer though, so it only gives a nice wash of color... This powder brightens up my face! I look more awake and alive whenever I use this to set my foundation, so I usually grab for it when I feel like I look exhausted.

That's it for now. I'll post Part 2 later.

Thanks for stopping by. Ciao!


  1. I really want to try the MUFE concealer! It's between that one and the Amazing Cosmetics one, for sure. I need a great full coverage one to fall back on. Benefit's Erase Paste is ok, but it just doesn't cut it! Glad to hear you talk highly of the MUFE!

  2. I've tried the Amazing Cosmetics once and didn't like it too much. =\ It migrated even though I set it with powder and it even made my dark circles appear darker!

    I LOVE MUFE! =) If you get the concealer, make sure you warm it up with your fingers before applying it because it could get cakey if you don't!

    I know things work differently for everyone, but I hope you get to try both before you make your decision!