Sunday, June 6, 2010

Review: Korres Yogurt Cream

During the winter time, my skin especially the cheek and mouth area gets very dry and chapped. Not even makeup can hide that catastrophe — unless you want to emphasize your problem areas by putting powder/concealer/foundation on top of it! After doing some research online, I decided to purchase the Yoghurt Regimen Kit ($45) from Sephora which included generous samples of a face wash and an eye cream and full sizes of this moisturizer and mask. This is an extremely good deal since the Yogurt Cream moisturizer costs $32 alone. Anyway, my skin is naturally oily, but it was dehydrated because of the winter season. The description of the kit seemed very promising since I was going through said problems. I had nothing to lose… My skin was already suffering, right?

So I went ahead and bought the kit. And all I have to say is the Yogurt Cream moisturizer saved my skin during the winter time. After a few days, it magically healed my skin. I no longer had dry patches around my cheeks and I no longer had that flakey skin on my outer lip area. Life was good at this point.


  1. Goodbye dry and flakey skin
  2. It absorbs quickly
  3. No breakouts
  4. Doesn't clog pores
  5. Scent is not overpowering
  6. Controls oil nicely
  7. It changed my skin!

  1. The packaging. I wish it came in a pump instead of a jar simply because I feel like it invites too much bacteria whenever I open the jar. Don’t get me wrong, my hands are clean before I touch the product, but it being exposed to air whenever opened says enough to me. Maybe I’m just paranoid…

This is definitely my HG moisturizer for the winter season… It has done wonders no other moisturizers have done for my skin. I wake up seeing clear and glowey skin! I mean it – my face glows!

Overall, if you have oily/combination skin that’s feeling dehydrated, definitely give this product a try!

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