Saturday, June 4, 2011

Perfume Giveaway

Before you decide to enter yourself into this giveaway, please note that these perfumes are already used. I would rather give them away to someone who would use them than toss or sell them.

So why did I decide to give these two perfumes away? For some reason, I just feel like they don't smell good on me anymore. I don't know if it's because I've outgrown the scents or because I've changed a lot over the years (I think this is the main reason), but why hold onto things I don't like?

There will be two giveaway winners (each winner will only receive one perfume).

Here's how to enter:
- Be a follower of my blog.
- Comment and let me know which perfume you would like:
  • Miss Dior Cherie
  • Emporio Armani Diamonds
  • Either
- You may only enter once.
- Winner will be randomly drawn from

This giveaway will end June 18th.

Good luck. =)


  1. Hi! I would love Emporio Armani Diamonds. My mom smelled it in a magazine, and she loved it. If I won a bottle of Emporio Armani Diamonds for her, she would be sooo happy. Thanks for the opportunity. Be blessed.

  2. I'd like the Miss Dior Cherie. I'm so curious how that smells like. :D

    ninmonster at rocketmail dot com

  3. Ahh,
    tell me why I am so excited?! :)
    I would really like to try Miss Dior Cherie....
    AMAZING giveway.
    Btw, I really like the concept of this.
    Thank you girly! Take care :D

    I dont know why Google is being weird. It says my comment is posted by anonymous :(
    Anyway, this is MissAntonia90 from YT, since I dont think my picture is going to show. Boo.

  4. I have been watching you on youtube (before you deleted your video :( ) for a long time, and I just love that you do giveaways because you rather give away products instead of letting them lie there. I Would love to try either because I'm currently finishing my favourite perfume (light blue) and I would love the chance to try out a new perfume. :)
    Thanks so much, and keep doing hauls and especially reviews!
    xo Lily Anne

  5. i have always wonderd what Miss Dior Cherie smelled like! i would love to win this one! i am slowly growing my perfume collection and i would love to add this :D


  6. I am a follower of your blog. I would like the Miss Dior Cherie.
    littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

  7. I'm sorry for not posting this before, but my email address is

  8. And, I would like to win Emporio Armani Diamonds for my mommy. :)

  9. I would prefer Emporio Armani Diamonds, but both fragrances sound lovely! I've never tried either, so no matter what it'd be a new experience for me :)

    kittenishcutie {at} gmail {dot} com

  10. I want Miss Dior Cherie! It's on my wishlist for soo long :)

    techiespidergurl at gmail dot com