Sunday, July 4, 2010

These things don't last forever.

So I had a lot of work to do the other day: dust, go through my closet to figure out what clothes I want to keep or donate (which is what I did to the majority of them), and throw away expired products! It sounds very little, but it was a lot to do considering we have a lot of stuff in our house.

While I was looking through my vanity, I realized I had a lot of stuff I needed to toss out! I threw away three face exfoliators, two facial soaps, and some tooth whitening products. Then I realized it was time for me to go through my makeup to figure if I needed to toss anything out. Luckily for me, it was only two products...

Now keep in mind that I don't keep my mascaras longer than I'm supposed to. I've thrown away a lot old makeup I've had in the past, but I thought it would be nice to keep track of them now since I have this blog.

Make Up For Ever Smokey Lash. I've had this mascara for a while, but I only started using this last month... This is a lovely mascara that provides my lashes a whole lot of drama, but it didn't come with a stopper, so I've decided to toss it out. I was blotting the wand with a tissue paper whenever I used it, but honestly, it's just too much trouble for me. I'm not going to repurchase it just yet because I still have a lot of mascaras to go through.

Sonia Kashuk Brow Gel. This brow gel is a little over a year old... and I think that's a little too old for me to continue using it. It's tinted brown because I used it to set my brow powder and I honestly think I could have finished it before it led to this, but I don't wear makeup on a daily basis to begin with. Anyway, I noticed my mac palettes were getting kind of sticky and I'm pretty sure it's the gel that's leaking onto it... so out this goes!

I didn't toss this out because I had to, it's because...

I finished it! *holds up a ~gasps~ signs up*

I kid you not, this is the first lip product I have EVER finished... Sure, I could have finished plenty of the lip balms I've had in the past, but they were always either misplaced or dropped without the cap on ~ I refuse to use a dirty lip balm. I am a little embarrassed to admit that I have not finished (or even hit pan on) any of the cosmetics products I own. Because of this, I am thinking of doing a Project 10 Pan which I've attempted and failed countlessly.

Anyway, that's it for now. Thanks for stopping by & Ciao! =)


  1. Perhaps you could do a Project 5 pan instead? You've already got one product accomplished! :D I have never finished a lip balm. It definitely takes dedication!

  2. Aw, thanks for the encouragement, Wendy! After this week (because I want to get Stereo Rose! lol), I'll give Project 5 Pan a try!