Saturday, July 23, 2011

Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream- #27 Honey Beige

Missha recently launched a new shade for their M Perfect Cover BB Cream: #27 Honey Beige. If #23 is too light and/or #31 is too dark, this shade may work for you! Right now, #27 Honey Beige is on sale for only $8.99 which is a great price since it retails for $30. Also, if you register, you will receive a full size of shade #23 Natural Beige as long as you have something at least $1 in your shopping cart. So with $8.99 for shipping, the total cost would be $17.98 for two full-sized tubes; or you could spend $40 to get free shipping along with a box of deluxe samples everyone is talking about. Either way, it's a great deal!

The special price for the new shade ends after the 24th, so make sure to get it now if you're interested!


  1. I got my new #27 in the mail last week and I love it. I too own both 23 and 31 and have to mix them to get the perfect match in the summer. 23 is perfect for me in the winter and 31 is way to orange and would never wear it alone all over my face. I'm a NC 35 in MAC studio fix and it is a perfect match.

  2. I'm glad you're loving #27! At one point, I wanted to get #31 to mix with #23, but for some reason I just thought the color was way too dark for me to justify buying it. I'm glad I waited because #27 seems like the perfect shade for me right now! =)

    Thanks for stopping by!